CAMEO continuously evaluate the accuracy and reliability of predictions

3D - Protein Structure 654 weeks, 10906 targets, 41 predictors.
QE - Model Quality Estimation 544 weeks, 80310 structural models, 24 predictors.
3D - Structures & Complexes Registrations now open!

Predictions in all categories are evaluated against reference structures released by the PDB on a weekly basis.

 CAMEO is a community project

CAMEO continuously applies quality assessment criteria established by the protein structure prediction community. Since the accuracy requirements for different scientific applications vary, there is no "one fits all" score. CAMEO therefore offers a variety of scores - assessing different aspects of a prediction (coverage, local accuracy, completeness, etc.) to reflect these requirements.

CAMEO is a community project - please feel free to suggest additional/alternative ways how CAMEO can support users and developers of structure prediction.

 Join CAMEO today...

We invite developers of prediction methods to participate in the continuous evaluation by registering their servers [REGISTER]. We also invite developers of scoring and evaluation methods to suggest alternative scoring schemes. Please contact us directly.

Servers of the following groups are registered so far:
A. Sali, L. McGuffin, T. Schwede, J. Soeding, D. Baker, A. Fiser, M. Sternberg, Y. Zhang, C. Floudas, S. Tosatto, J. Xu, Y. Zhou, O. Brock, B. Wallner, A. Eloffson, D. Labudde, C. Venclovas, J. Cheng, O. Taştan Bishop, Y. An-Suei, T. Sosnick, C. Kaesar, P. Winn, C. Seok.

When publishing any results obtained from the CAMEO server or its data, you agree to cite the appropriate references:

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Evaluation of “private” or “development” servers is provided exclusively for development purposes. You acknowledge that such results can only be published after marking the complete dataset as “public” on CAMEO. For more information please see our terms.

CAMEO is developed by the Computational Structural Biology Group at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. This project has furthermore received funding from ELIXIR and the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement numbers 676559 and 101003551.